It is nice to be home in Boston, back from OSCON in Portland. OSCON was surprisingly rad, lots of different folks I do not often see. I also got a chance to hang out with Pat Mochel and the other Portland area hackers. Pat had a fun party at his place Wednesday night. OSCON was my fourth conference in nearly as many weeks, and I am very much done with all of that for at least awhile.

This weekend found my good friend from UF, Mike, in town. Mike and I had a lot of great times back in school and it was really quite nice to see him. We had a sweet weekend, running around town, eating, drinking, partying.


The Hatch

Saturday we went to the Dispatch show at the Hatch Shell, which is located right on the Charles. It was a free, well promoted, long planned (we made these plans before I even moved out here) show. It was also their last show - they are breaking up - a big "goodbye" event for themselves as much as for their fans.

Dispatch knocks out this college rock, a mix of reggae and white-boy funk. It is pretty mellow but they still rocked out, in one of the longest sets I have ever witnessed -- three and a half hours, with no break. The show's crowd was also the largest I have ever been a part. They claim 110,000 people, which seems a bit high, but the number was definitely huge. You never know.



Mike is one of those people who is always up for anything and consequently we get along real well. We once drove seven hours, went to eleven bars, violated a city hall, stole the shovel of justice, all in one night. We always have fun, and this weekend was no exception.

The show was pretty moving, you could tell that the band loves what they do, and the crowd's chants of "don't break up!" could only fuel their emotions. I was glad to be there, especially with Mikey.