The Answer is the Irony of the Situation

On my walk to work today, coffee in one hand and The Economist in the other, an armored truck turned onto a one way street. In eerie synchronization, a large semi-truck veered onto the street behind the armored truck, pulled up along it, and then cut it off, blocking it on three of its four sides, with a sidewalk and myself on the other side. All I could think of was Heat, so I ran the rest of the way to work. Which is good, because I may of missed the enusing gun fight, but is also bad, because there would of likely been free money flying in the air.

Sidewalk outside of my apartment

We put netapplet into GNOME CVS. The module is netapplet. I appreciate the positive feedback, really awesome, thanks, but the reason that Joe is Novell Employee of the Year is already known and my book sells well is due to the free plastic toy embedded in between pages 104 and 105, as much as I would like to think that it is my ninja-like coding ability and charming persona.

Boston, Home of the Beautiful

A couple of folks have raised the issue of applet vs. notification area dingus, it is the wrong way, blah blah blah. Three things, people: the notification area is a spec and thus the applet works in KDE, applet's are a pain to develop and debug because they are bonobo components while netapplet is trivial to debug and see console output from, and I think that the way the notification area works (e.g., it is just a UI component) makes more sense then the complication behind applets. Ultimately we did not think it a big deal, at all, but going with the notification area does beg the issue of GNOME needing a much better session manager.

Saw The Manchurian Candidate last night with Andy, Nat, and Pat. OK.